The Ultimate Guide on Google Ads for 2020

The Ultimate Guide on Google Ads for 2020


Are you looking to spend some money on ads to reach the Targeted Audience and Right Platform for your Investments? Here is all you want to know that we will be Competition around 246 million different visitors, 3.5 billion of Interactions, and around 700% return on investment.

So Answer is something like….. Google Ads.

History about Google Advertising.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Ad Words) is an online advertising platform developed by Google. Google launched Ad Words in October 2000 and after some reinventions Google ad words renamed as Google Ads in 2018 and gave Expansive reach and chances to all the potential customers on the Google Ads platform.

Let’s know more about What Google Ads is all about? How to Begin advertising on Google? And many more features to Optimize Campaigns for Successful results on the Google Advertising Platform.

Let’s Know More Here…..

          1. What is Google Advertising?

         2. What are the key Benefits of Google Advertising?

         3. Terms to know on Google Advertising?

         4. How Google Advertising works?

         5. How to Setup Google Advertising?

A. What is Google Ads?

Google Advertising is Google’s online advertising platform and helps to create online ads to reach a wide number of people according to their search on Product and Services Provided.

  • It is a platform that helps to upgrade your business and helps to sell products and services, which also helps in creating awareness for people all around the globe.
  • Google Ads is a paid advertising platform for marketing products and services under different aspects like Pay-per-click (PPC) or click-per-impression (CPM) on all ads.
  •  It helps to create campaigns online and change campaigns at any time, settings, can Ad text, and set up budgets by Google Ads account.
  •  Monetary budgets can be controlled by own self. Also you can decide where your ads appear and easily measure the impact of your ads.

B. What are the Key Benefits of Google Ads?

    Google Ads helps to get more people at Right Time and Right Place to avail good benefits on advertising. Let’s know the Key benefits on Google Ads:

1. Target your ads:

Targeting helps to reach as many people as you can interest to avail services on relevant products.

Key points to Target ads:

  • Ad Location : it helps to showcase ads on search results and websites which are part of the Google search and Display network.
  • Keywords:  Choosing the Right word or phrases related to any Product and services that customers are looking for.
  • Location, Age and Languages: making selection on geographic locations, Selecting the right AGE for targeting people for Purchasing or avail services, and Languages know to our customers.
  • Time, Days and Frequency: it helps to determine how many days that ads should be run and helps to decide the Time slot to run up the ads. 
  • Devices:  Need to make sure that our Ads will fit into all types of devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tabs, etc

2. Cost Controlling :

It helps to regulate the money that we spend on every ad. Based on certain criteria like how much to spend a month either Per day or Per ads and these are paid only when people click on ad services provided.

3. Success Measuring :     

It’s possible only people click on our website and view products and do Purchasing, download app, and Phone calls, etc. These only can happen when we run good campaigns and helps to develop our Return on Investment (ROI)

These can be gathered by data which includes all cost on average, Phone calls, shopping habits, Time on research etc.

4. Manage your campaigns:

 Google ads offer the tool which helps to manage and Monitor accounts of the business activities.

C. Terms to know on Google Ads?

 These main terms helps to manage Google Ads for Setup, Manage and Optimize to run an effective ad campaign.

 List of Terms:

1. Ad Rank: Ad Rank is determined by your maximum bid multiplied by your Quality Score. The more we bid, the better we will rank on Google page and can be seen on top.

2. Bidding: more we Bid the amount on an advertisement that the advertiser is willing to pay for clicks in order to get better placement. There are three options for the bidding process:




3. Campaign Type:

There are 3 different campaign types:

A. Search ads 

B. Display ads and

C. Video ads

I. Search ads: It is a type of text ads that are displayed on a Google page in Search Results…


Google Ads

II. Display ads : It is a type of image-based web pages showed on Google search results


Google Ads

III. Video ads: Ads which comes on You Tube or any websites for short duration of 15 seconds or more known as Video ads.


Google Ads

4. Click-Through Rate:

       Equation  :  CTRNo of Clicks through/ No of Impressions X100

5. CPC (Cost Per Clicks) : 

     CPC is the price we pay for each click on one of our PPC ads platforms such as Google Ad Words. Our cost can be determined by various factors such as, Max Bid, Quality scores, and Ad Rank of another business for the same Keywords.

6. Conversion Rate:  It helps to Measure performance of all advertising campaigns runner by us.

7. Display Network : Google Display Network helps to get our ads in front of targeted people across the world.

8. Ad Extension  Ad extensions are like Providing additional information about the business like Contact us , Image Extensions and Site link Extensions etc.

9. Keywords: Its a search term help to optimize a website by keywords and phrases that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

10. PPC: It stands for Pay Per Clicks. in online marketing system were advertiser will pay for clicks as and when their ads are clicked on.

11 Quality Score: It helps to measure the quality of ads by CTR, Keywords used, the quality of landing page.

D. How Google Advertising works?

Advertiser’s bids on search terms, or keywords, and the winners of that bid are ranked first and shown top of the search results pages or YouTube videos or similar websites related to Product and services and depending upon the type of ad campaigns search.

E. How to Setup Google advertising?

  • Organize business Account
  • Budget Plan
  • Pick the right Keywords
  • Keyword Match type.
  • Setup Landing pages
  • Select the right device to Showcase the campaign ( ie, Laptop, Desktop Or Mobile, etc)
  • Compose Ads
  • Link Business account to Google analytics.


          Google ad word is an Effective Platform for all kinds of businesses and marketers to sell out their Products and Services online. Google Ad words help with good Exposure to society with user-friendly cost investments. It’s a friendly interface for all the business and also time consumable and also helps people to engage in online business and digitalize their careers in Digital Marketing.

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