The 6 Main Factors to Consider on On-page SEO

On-page SEO

Today I wish to brief out some main factors to consider in On-Page. On-Page SEO is optimizing individual web pages. On-Page SEO considers both HTML and Content source code to rank higher in the Search engine or to gain more traffic to your website.

The main factors are:


You should pick the most appropriate keyword to your page, The keyword should relevant to your content. You can set only one focus keyword to your webpage where you’re going to do on-page SEO. The keyword should be longtail one which is more helpful to rank you faster

On-page SEO is optimizing individual web pages. On-Page SEO considers both HTML and Content source code to rank higher in the Search engine or to gain more traffic to your website


For any web page content is more important because the content is the KING of digital marketing. On a web page, the content length should more than 600 words. The content should inclusive with Main focus keywords. As per the Google algorithms policy, the keyword density should 2.5%, more than 2.5% consider as keyword stuffing i.e Black hat SEO techniques

SEO Title:

The Title of your page must be 60 characters long, 60 character of Title increases the readability score of your page. Also, this Title should include the focus keyword, it is preferred to use your keyword phrase at the beginning of SEO title. Also, this is better to include at least one positive or negative sentiment word, at least one power word and one number.

Permalink and Description:

The unique URL of the page, Permalinks are displayed below the post title in the search results, the length of the permalink must be below 75 characters. Short Description which contains 160 words will appear when the post shows up in the search results. Both permalink and Description should contain the main key phrase for best SEO Rank, as this is one of the best SEO practices.

Image or Videos:

Using Images or Videos in your post content is also a good practice to increase your SEO score. Use Optimized images with alternative text ( alt text or alt attribute ) this is mandatory, use your main keyword phrase as alt text.

Headers and Paragraphs:

While writing your content, use if your headers also act as the major parts. Use Only one H1 header once and H2 Header tags at most 5 times for others you can use H3 header tags, this has no limit. Write your contents as short paragraphs only one paragraph can belong.

Above are the most followed factor in the case of On-page SEO. We should go through better optimization on our website to rank better in the search engine result page. Go with proper planning and Convert those plannings into result-oriented actions. 

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