Internet Marketing 21st Century: A Digital Book 2020

Internet Marketing 21st Century: A Digital Book

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing/ Online Marketing / Digital Marketing

The dawn of the 21st century gave us the rise in technology, we have software that will detect or predict the cancer symptoms in the cancer patients, not this detect it will also suggest the medicines that the patients should take or undertake or undergo for 3 months.

Not just the medicine purpose, the 21st century gave us software that has the ability to speak with artificial intelligence, this artificial intelligence has the ability to respond to every command or order that are given by the user. And those responses will be effective.

Not just these two inventions define the 21st-century inventions, these 2 are just the tip of an iceberg. There is a hell of a lot of inventions that took place in our 21st-century era.

And one among them is Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is not at all one concept, but it’s a combination of 10 to 11 concepts namely…

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a website ranker, it helps in making sure the quality and quantity of the website are exact and the SEO always provides this for the organic search and never for the paid campaign.

2. Google Ads

An ad campaign service that is provided by the google itself. An google ads helps in generating leads, increase traffic to our website.

3.Google Ad sense

A program which is also run by Google for its google network partner site. Google Ad-sense is a program that run ads on the bloggers or any other google network partners, which in return these google network partners get a certain amount of commission.

4. Google Analytics

An analytics program which is published and maintained by Google. Google Analytics helps to measure or maintain or keep detailed information about daily traffic or daily users, who visit our website.

5. Google search console

Another service which is offered by Google. Google search console is used to gather all the information which is uploaded to the particular website and index or categories them according to the basics, this helps in ranking of the website in an organic search or unpaid results. To view our website live or our website to go live we first should register to the google search console, only then we’ll be able to view our website live on Google and our users or consumer are able to access our website.

6. Email marketing

A potential way to reach our customers, and a perfect way to reach our customers. Email marketing helps in brand awareness, leads generation, ask for the review of the products or service. Email marketing helps in reaching a large number of customers in just a matter of seconds or minutes.

7. Blogging

A hobby that will lead to the generating of income. This blogging is nothing but the process of sharing ideas, experience, or a journal, that helps the users to understand better and help them solve the problem they’re facing.

8. Content writing

A process of writing a sensible content to a web content. This content writing plays a vital role in search engine optimization.

9. Affiliate marketing

The process of marketing or promoting other’s products or services through our website is known as affiliate marketing. In return to earn commission through affiliate marketing, the users should buy the product or service through our link that we have published, only then a certain percentage of commission will be given to us.

10. Website design

Before we start our Internet Marketing career, first we should be able to access and maintain or build the website. Website design refers to the process of designing one’s or the companies website (like display). The website plays a vital and important role in brand recognition, brand awareness and the growth of the company as well.

All these concepts results in Digital Marketing.

So, if you ever speak with old Marketers, they always say that Internet Marketing won’t be as successful as traditional marketing. Because they think that a marketer should always have a face to face interaction with their customers or consumers.

& if you ask me, yeah they are correct, if we were or belong to the 1970s, 80s, 90s. but we are living in the era of digital books, where customers evaluate or inspect the products or services they want over and over before buying them.

Our young generation won’t physically visit every store that’s in their locality, they just search on the internet, where they can find a hell lot of products and services. Not just the products but also their prices, specifications, models, guarantee and warranty, their positive and negative reviews from the customers, who have used the products and service previously.

Not just the above mentioned points, but also the customers can compare the alternative and evaluate between 2 or more products and service under their fingertips.

All these information will be available on the internet search engines,

The best search engine is Google.

 An American-based company that has an infinite number of information on anything and everything and it literally has billions of pages and has millions of followers.

Google should be called as a virtual teacher, because it helps in any way possible it has the ability to answer all our questions and clear a maximum of our doubts.

So, the growth of google gave the rise of the technology, and with the rise in the technology every sector is developing so is Internet Marketing.

Digital Marketing is like having a favourite music Artist, once you saw their performance you’ll never get enough.

Digital Marketing is a\like Eminem’s Recovery album, where every song is better than the other, the concept of the Internet Marketing / Digital marketing are also better than the other, once started or involved in Internet Marketing / digital marketing there is no exit or final path or end.

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