Google Ads Certification Training

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Google Ads Certification Course

Ads Is an Online paid Promotion Service by Google. 97 percent of Google revenue comes from Google Ads. The primary purpose of Search Engine Marketing is to grow the online presence of a business at a quicker rate, through numerous paid methods. Whereas SEO( Search Engines Optimization) takes a lot of time and effort. Get Google Ads Certification Training from Digital Roy Academy

SEM / PPC is an important element of any effective Digital Marketing Campaign. Pay-per-click (PPC) also generally referred to as Search Engine Marketing mainly focused on Google Ads and Bing Ads.

In Google Ads, the ads are usually triggered whenever a person searches a particular keyword which is determined by advertisers. Advertisers pay when users click on the promotion ads. Partner websites receive a share of the generated income.

Search Advertising:

Google Search network is one of the most effective campaigns for lead generation. The ads are directly promoted on the SERP. Max. of 7 ads can be promoted on the page. Usually 4 at the top and 3 at the bottom. This campaign usually works on PPC where the advertiser pays Google for every click. Google As permits sellers to show ads that are particularly suitable to a search query. This guarantees that the viewers are usually very interested or intended in what the advertisement has to offer, leading to a very high click rate and conversion rate

Display Advertising:

Google Display Network is one of the most powerful ways to reach a wide range of audiences. It covers about 80% of all internet users. The ads are promoted on millions of partner sites of Google. The most effective strategy is the Retargeting aka Remarketing. In which whenever a person visits your website through any of the sources and did not complete the required call to action. This remarketing code drops a cookie in his Brower and the display ads keep on following wherever they go. This campaign is very important as 97% of all visitors are not likely to take any action in their first visit

Mobile Advertising:

Mobile advertising is a platform that gets more app installs. The model used in mobile is called cpi(cost per install) where the compensation method is based on the user installing an app. The mobile apps are compatible only with android and ios. There are more internet users in mobiles than on laptops and desktops combined.

Video Advertising:

Video ads are one type of ad that can appear on AdSense sites. Are used for brand awareness. Here ads are promoted during the beginning of the video and are true view ads and sometimes during play those are called video discovery ads.

Shopping Advertising:

Shopping ads are also known as Product listing ads(PLA). These are directly promoted on Search engines with a box showing as sponsored. These ads are usually confused with Display Ads. These are used by E-commerce websites and product selling websites.
You can’t directly run ads through Google Ads. Firstly create a Google Merchant center and upload your data feed and link your GMC to your Google Ads account. Shopping ads are used by retailers to promote their products online. Shopping ads show images of the product, title and store name, and price. These ads don’t use keywords to display the results based on their SEO and charges per click.

Through Google Ads, you can get your website on the first page of the search engine. Google Ads Certification Training by Digital Roy

Topics covered in the Google Ads

Creating the Account
Understanding the navigational structure and interface
Understanding types of Ads
Understanding the types of Campaigns
Basic Terminologies
Location Targeting
Bidding Strategies
Ad Extensions
Advanced Targeting
Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Match Types
Bid and Quality Score
UTM Parameters
Conversion Tracking
Display Ads
Display Planner
Display remarketing
Search Network with Display Select
Shopping Ads (PLA Ads)
Google Merchant Centre
Data Feed
Video Ads
Universal App Campaigns
Google Ads Certification Exams and
Google Analytics Certification