Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs, Millions of job aspirants looking towards the digital marketing industry in the country.

Because of the current digital marketing trend before going through the article, we need to understand what is digital marketing and how online marketing activities are done.

Digital marketing is a method of promoting the product, brands, or services through an online platform by using smart devices with the help of the internet. In a simple term the Internet accessible devices like Smartphone, Laptop, Computer desktop, Tablets, smart TV, and other Smart Devices.

This is an alternative option to traditional marketing methods. In traditional marketing or offline marketing the promotion for any products or services would be done with TV Ads, News Paper ads, Magazine ads, Flex, Banner, and etc. but digital marketing is an online platform.

Why Digital Marketing Industry is Booming?

One of the major reasons is numbers of Internet users are increasing day by day across the globe.

Internet Users:

According to Hootsuite (A social media management platform)

Digital Marketing Jobs
  • Total population = 7.75 Billion
  • Unique Mobile Users = 5.19 Billion
  • Internet Users = 4.54 Billion
  • Active Social Media Users = 3.80 Billion 

The above-mentioned analytics report shows the exact reason to increase the number of internet users is keep increasing year by year from 2000 to 2020. This is one of the major reasons to look towards the Digital Marketing industry. the online marketing industry is completely depending on active internet users.

The overall internet users are 59% around the world from the total population. This report will indicate that there is a huge opportunity in the world for the next 10 years to fulfill the remaining areas. I feel this data is sufficient to understand the future of digital marketing.

Job Roles in Digital Marketing Field

There is a number of different positions in the digital marketing industry to work. Find below the details of the positions.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Manager
  • Online Marketing Head
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • PPC Executive
  • Google Analytics Manager
  • Email Marketing Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Team Lead in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Content Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Project Manager
  • Digital Marketing Head

Government’s Initiative:

According to a reliable source, there are more than 20 lakh jobs are going to be created in India by 2025 in the online marketing industry with the help of the Digital India campaign.

Internet users in India to reached 564.5 million in 2020, Internet usage in the country has exceeded half a billion people for the first time. Read more at

Apart from the above-mentioned designations also, there are more specialized job roles in the industry. Which can be chosen by your wish?

Work as a Blogger:

Most of the digital marketing professionals like to work as a full-time blogger in their career. With hard work and dedication, they are earning more than a lakh in a month.


  • Pat Flynn

  • Neil Patel
  • Jeff Bullas

  • Harsh Agrawal
  • Back Linko

The above mentioned Blogger names to inspire our readers as they have got a great success in their blogging career.

Earn money from AdSense and Affiliate Marketing:

You can write an article on your interested niche and it can be published on Blogs/websites. You need to understand a very important point that your writing skills should be good to bring visitors and readers towards your post/articles to get more subscribers.

While you start getting thousands of subscribers to read your published article on your website/blog. there is a decent earning can be expected from Google Adsense and Also from an Affiliate Marketing link.

I can give two great references with their income Report card:

Pat Flynn – The Smart Passive Income one of the great success affiliate marketer in the world
Click here to know the income report –

Harsh Agrawal – Shout Me Loud income report –

These blogger’s income reports will explain to our readers about the possibilities of earning money through affiliate marketing and how to generate decent money by doing regular activities on their blogs with online trends.

Work from Home as a Freelancing Job:

Start freelancing services to work for multiple companies without going to a regular office. This kind of work will be a part-time service to offering your clients from home. There are plenty of websites that will provide you the freelancing projects to work from home. A couple of website details are given below for your reference to check to click here –,,

Start your Digital Marketing Agency:

Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course to become more expert in the online marketing field. If you learn how to manage the business and have a number of good contact by then you can start your own digital marketing agency to provide services within the country and across the globe if you have enough resource work on multiple projects.

Become a YouTuber:

There are millions of full-time YouTubers who are working on the selected subject this will inspire our readers to go with the digital marketing industry for multiple options where they can find in one advanced method is to learn Digital Marketing Course.

Become an Entrepreneur:

Start your own business to become an entrepreneur with a little budget to start your dream company. To start with your own business you need to have a website with other content information that should be updated on your website about the services or products which you offer.

I hope this article is very helpful to our readers with more information about the Digital Marketing industry and the job options.

If you have any questions regarding the Advanced Digital Marketing Course please leave a comment.

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