Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore – Digital Marketing is a very vast and fastest-growing field as every company needs a digital marketing executive to grow or create an authority Online. Digital marketing is a process of creating awareness and promoting your products and services via internet-enabled devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. Digital marketing is also known as Online marketing, Internet marketing or Web marketing.

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • The main benefit is its reach as you can target a global or worldwide audience.
  • Digital Marketing is more of a Targeted Approach.
  • You can target based on their age and gender.
  • You can target based on their interest
  • You can target based on device
  • You can target based on demographics
  • It’s has a long-term impact (ex. SEO)
  • Easy to modify the Ad
  • Cost is Low.
  • Return on investment is very high

Everything is now Digital if you want to shop online (Flipkart, Amazon) if you want to book movie tickets (Bookmyshow ) if you want to travel (MakeMyTrip) if you want to book a cab ( ola, Uber).

Everything is growing digital. Whereas in Tradition marketing it’s not ex: There is a statistics says that 86% of people skip Tv ads, in the remaining 14% who is your target audience watching your ads. Or go for Newspaper ads there are more than 200+ newspapers in India. which of the newspapers is your target audience to see your advertising.

The Use of the Internet is growing at a very fast pace. People using the internet in 2005 for only 16% and it has grown to 56% in 2018 approximately 4.3 billion people use the internet out of 7.5 billion. More than 66% of people in the world use mobile phones, 48% of people are active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Coming to Country stats, India is the second-highest user of the internet after China. But only approx. 43% of people in India are using the internet and the rate is growing at a very fast rate due to government initiative like Digital India. 81% of Indian use mobile phones. There are some countries that have more than 90% internet penetration (most European countries like Iceland, Luxemburg, etc).

If you consider which device is driving the most traffic. Use of the internet on mobiles drive the highest traffic. Approx… More than 68% of all internet is surfed on mobiles. i.e. smartphones. rest of the internet is used on Desktop/ Laptops and 5% on Tablets. Only 0.12% on Xbox, Smart Tv etc.

Coming to Share of Internet usage based on Mobile OS:

76% of all mobile internet is surfed on Android Phones. Android is open source which is owned by Google. 19.6% on IOS which of Apple iPhone and remaining on other operating systems like Windows etc.

Digital Roy Academy Digital Marketing course syllabus is included with 65 latest topics.

23 certifications.

Website building: Website building is not digital marketing. But to implement all the digital marketing strategies which you are going to learn and implement you need a website. Here you are going to learn about WordPress. It is a CMS (content management system) which is open source and powers 34% of all the websites build on the web.

Without any programming knowledge, you can build websites. Website building skills are going to be a valuable skill. If you want to work as a freelancer or want to become an entrepreneur.

Here you will be getting a free practice domain, 1-year web hosting and a premium theme worth 59$, Total worth of 15,000 rupees paid tools and software to practice during training at our institute.

Search Engine Optimization:  SEO is the process of making your websites rank higher on search engines. 40 to 90% of leads/sales for a company comes from search engines. By making changes within and outside of your website you are improving its position and authority on the search engine like google, yahoo, Bing.

SEO is one of the significant aspects of digital marketing. The major advantage of SEO is it gives your free or organic traffic. Which you don’t have to pay for any search engine.

SEO is one of the highest or potential lead generation modules in Digital marketing. But SEO is not a short-term strategy and its results and not immediate. It takes a lot of time as a search engine keep on updating their algorithms and your competitors also do SEO.

Search engine optimization is a full digital marketing strategy where your target or segment audience are trying to find your products/services or the content you have. Here you will be learning as many methods of SEO tools and software for optimizing your website you built on WordPress.

Google Webmaster tools: What is now called Google search console is a free tool for Google. Which gives a detailed report on how your website performing on search engines.

Every time Google bot crawls your website it gives a detailed analysis of how is your website health in search engines and if it finds any issues it gives detailed step by step guide to resolve these issues.

Maybe your website is not mobile-friendly, more 404 errors, crawling errors or violating some search engine guidelines. Or your website got hacked etc. It also shows how many times your website has appeared on search engines and all the stats like – impressions, clicks, CTR, and position.

It provides in-depth about your website like the search queries, Top countries its ranking, which devices they are coming, etc. By using this data you can improve your website, boost its rankings and get rank higher in search results.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM is a paid marketing strategy as SEO takes time and you cannot guarantee it whereas SEM is a marketing strategy where you’re paying to search engine usually PPC (pay per click). And you get an AD position on the first page of the SERP (Search engine result page).

Here you will be learning Google AdWords. Did you know more than 90% of Google revenue comes from AdWords SEM is one of the most effective Digital Marketing strategies if you want to drive traffic immediately to your website?

The future of Digital Marketing is a Paid marketing strategy where you are getting immediate results. There are very good career opportunities as SEM Analytics. There are mainly 5 types of campaigns you can run in AdWords.

Search only campaigns for Text ads and its direct marketing it is directly shown on Google and Googles search partners like (, Amazon, eBay, etc ). Display ads its also called as Image ads.

Google display network is very vast it covers about 90% of the internet users. I the most efficient way to use this campaign is Remarketing or retargeting. Shopping Ads is also called as Product listing ads (PLA ads) where ads are shown in SERP, to run this campaign u need to create a google merchant account and link it to Google AdWords and create data feed and upload it.

Create a campaign in AdWords and run the campaign. But you can’t add keywords for this campaign. Video ads are trying to show ads on YouTube. While the beginning of the video where you see an ad is called instream or True View ads, during intermediate of the video is called as video discovery ads.

Bumper ads are ads which are non-skippable 6 seconds ads. Universal App campaign which are ads trying to get more app installs it also called mobile marketing. This is a marketing strategy to show ads on Google search from mobile devices only. It also shows ads on play store, display network and YouTube.

Social Media Marketing: SMM is a Digital Marketing activity carried out through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, etc. Mainly used for Branding and viral marketing. Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

There are more than 2 Billion active users alone on Facebook. SMM is also used for Lead Generation, Customer care, even hiring people ( LinkedIn). Most marketers say Facebook Is the No 1 social media site for lead generation.

There are more than 7 million business pages on Facebook. The paid ads are also not much expensive, you start as low as 40 rupees per day. LinkedIn is a complete professional network whereas Facebook for a personal network. Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Twitter is a micro-blogging site as the character or letters in a post is limited to 140 characters. Instagram is an Image sharing site and its owned by Facebook. Social media is more about creativity and strategy and very less technical. The content should be more engaging to your target audience. SMM is one of the most powerful digital marketing landscape.

6 Email Marketing: It is one of the oldest forms of Digital marketing, it was there at the beginning of the internet, But most misused. Email marketing is completely outbound and it is a Push Digital marketing where you promoting the products and services where the user has no intent.

Email marketing is not very effective for lead generation but one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic back to your website. So list building is one of the very important digital marketing techniques. Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

How to give a resource for the free i.e lead magnet in order to build a list. Creating embedded forms or lead capture forms. Creating popup forms etc. and finally running the campaigns and reporting the KPI’s.

7 Content Marketing: It is one of marketing technique to create awareness, interest and promote your products/services using videos, images, text, etc. Always create original content and make your content actionable or thought to provoke. Try to add value to your user. Don’t build websites for a search engine, but rather for users.

The course will be very detailed and the training program gives to the skills need to become an expert in the digital marketing domain.

One needs to be careful while selecting a good training institute for digital marketing. This field is evolving and growing at a very fast pace. Always try to get real-time digital marketing training. There is a lot of Institute that offers digital marketing certification courses. but Digital Roy Academy offers Advanced courses

Digital marketing courses in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore – which is completely practical oriented.

The Digital marketing modules that are covered in the class are very detailed and projects focused. The trainers are experts in Digital marketing. Where you will be learning a to z of digital marketing. The course is designed for career/job oriented.

The course which is designed is not for everyone. It’s only for digital marketing enthusiasts as it’s very intense & practical oriented Digital marketing program which will make you an Ace digital marketer.

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