Digital Marketing: A New Platform of Opportunities

Digital Marketing: A new platform of opportunities

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of buying, selling, promoting, and advertising about products and services through online platforms or through the internet.

When we go back to 10 to 15 years, only a few marketers knew or had an idea about Digital Marketing, as time passes and as the world evolves so does the marketers, because they knew that Digital Marketing will be the next big thing in the Marketing chapter.

Because those marketers knew that they cannot only depended on Traditional Marketing and need to update according to the trends, and decided to switch to Digital Marketing, with a view to earning more on their investment.

Since the world is ruled by a thing called “THE INTERNET”, everything can be done or found over the digital platforms. From finding daily needs or daily products to finding love and finding long lost friends or relatives. And to store documents or pictures to photos and from downloading audio to watching videos. We can do anything and everything.

The Internet is not just about buying and selling goods and services. It also helps an individual or a group of people in the line of Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health care, Transportation means, and many more.

You can be in one place and order food for another person who is on the other side of the town or the city, you can even book tickets for Movies, Sports tickets, or even a Concert ticket.

So, this is where our Digital Marketing comes into the action or leap into the action since everything takes place over the internet, it’s a great opportunity for the marketer to go digital and update themselves.

Why does a Marketer has to choose a Digital Marketing?

Marketers have to evolve and flow with the current market technology, they (Marketers) shouldn’t one business strategy or business model because TODAY’S UPDATE IS TOMORROW’S OUTDATED so a marketer has a find or choose a solution to survive in these continuous changes in the technology environment.

Is Digital Marketing a profitable?

Yes, when we compare the Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing, we can easily find out that Digital Marketing is far better and far more superior than Traditional Marketing.

Because in the Traditional Marketing we are able to find out a lot of flaws in the process:

  • The issues such as unable to compare the alternative products with the existing products and the salesperson don’t have the necessary or the perfect knowledge about the products, its features, its ability to work in a stressful environment, and such kinds of stuff.
  • In the Traditional Market, there was no idea called “live order tracking”, this feature only available in Digital Marketing.
  • Live order tracking is nothing but the process of finding out whether our order has been placed, is the order in the making process, and has it left the store and if it has left the store, how long does it takes time to deliver.
  • Digital Marketing helps in reaching out to a large number of audiences, and our target audience and this is not possible when it comes to Traditional Marketing. Because it is literally impossible to be in contact with that much of customers or consumers.
  • And when we talk about the time & resources, Digital Marketing as a crystal clear edge over the Traditional Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing helps in Return On Investment in no time, wherein Traditional Marketing takes a long duration to get our ROI.
  • In Digital Marketing a large different variety of products and services can be found under one roof, not just the products or services of a city or a state but also the international products and service.
  • Marketers cannot keep a large ledger of notes or data about their customers in a written format
  • Digital Marketing not only helps the marketers to store the data in the cloud or other storage services, but it also helps in better connection with the customers and also maintains and builds a better relationship too.
  • The marketers can expect a quick and better result about their customers in an instant.

Where in Traditional Marketing, the marketers have to spend a lot of time, money, resources to know about its customers, the customer’s preference for the products, and the preference in the products.

If we have to say in simple words, Digital Marketing is a next level in the marketing industry or sector.

After keeping or evaluating the above-mentioned points in our mind, we can say that Digital Marketing is far more profitable than Traditional Marketing.

Is Digital Marketing a scam? A New Platform of Opportunities

Digital Marketing: A new platform of opportunities A Deceptive act, that result where one person can losses his ownership of assets or anything that has a money or money’s worth illegally is known as a scam.

As we have all heard and have seen in recent times, a lot of these scams occur over the Internet. This is because the hackers has access to the customer’s identification or the information leak in the organization, or the insecurity in the systems, or by clicking on some insecure website.

Digital Marketing won’t give any kind of opportunities for any kind of scams or fraud to occur to their customers. Customers can book their products and services without hesitation and can choose an option called COD (Cash on delivery) or can make a payment through online to the bank that the company or a shop has enlisted from the customer’s bank in a secure manner.

when it comes to the payment method the company or the organization has the safest way and these companies maintain a separate database for its customers. All this information about the customers is kept confidential and they are not disclosed to anyone at any time.

Digital Marketing: A new platform of opportunities

Does Digital Marketing has a scope in the future?

With the current technology and the current internet availability across the whole nation, Digital Marketing has all the tools and equipment to be the next major big thing in the market and in the future too.

Because it has all the major thing like massive internet users in a country, and about 60% of these users belong to the younger generation who are always on the mobile phones or on the desktop, laptops, it becomes where easy for them to choose that product they want, what kind of products and buy or search. And buy according to their wish, taste, and preference.

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